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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  September 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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her flirtations? this rocking show starts right now. ♪ >> it's friday, everybody. can you feel it? the president can feel it today as he stepped out to talk about the new jobs number. they're in. and they're -- kind of mediocre. that's okay. the president is going to fire up the crowd anyway. >> the evidence that we've seen over the course of this summer and over the course of the last 18 months indicate we're moving in the right direction. we have to speed it up. >> wow. that was inspiring up. okay. what's the point of doing a press conference if you're not going to say anything? do be fair the president has been challenging the republicans
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a little bit. once again, i'm calling on congress to make passing the small jobs bill congress' first order of business when it gets back. >> the senate republicans need to stop it from blocking it. >> not exactly eye of the tiger. here's what i would have said instead. as we head into the labor day, i would like to ask why do republicans want to keep unemployment really high. why do they want to help small businesses. why in the world would they be against this bill? can someone, maybe some of you in the press here, ask them? i don't understand why they want to hurt our economy. if the president said that, you know what that would have created? a national conversation about what the republicans have done to hurt this economy, rather than what the democrats have done. but this president is way too timid for that.
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hee doesn't want to call the next stimulus package stimulus because the republicans would beat him up for that. my god, man. it create over 3 million jobs. why don't you take credit for it instead of running from it? but the jobless rate kicked up for the first time in four months today. partly because of more people coming back to the labor force looking for work. real unemployment is up in august. if we really want to make a dent in the unemployment rate. get it down to 6% by 2013. the private sector must create 335,000 jobs each month. and in august, well, we sputed along. the private sector gained 67,000 jobs. that's well short of where we
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need to be. so what gives. if the nonpartisan office said the president created more jobs, but we're still behind where we want to be, where is the answer? did the obama administration do something else wrong? i think the answer is yes. they mistook a structural problem for a temporary problem. they thought we had a crisis of confident and if they could make the markets and the american people feel confident the economy would improve, they would go back to spending and everything would be right. that's wrong. we don't have anymore money to spend. a lot of us don't have jobs anymore. this is a much deeper structural problem than obama is willing to accept. that's the number one problem. that's why we haven't had the recovery. joining us to explain it further is former secretary of labor under president clinton, robert rush. he's also chancellor of public policy at berkeley.
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his book "aftershock" the next economy in america's future will be out in september. secretary rush, do i have that roughly right? we have a confused crisis of confidence with a deep-seeded structural problem in the country? >> i think there is a deep-seeded structural problem. it's not just the business cycle. most people looking at this deep recession, this deep depression have said if you just get businesses and consumers to spend more, we'll be back up to where we should be, but there are deeper problems we are not addre addressing. >> let's talk about the problems. what caused the structural damage in the first place? >> for one people, people have fot had wage increases. if they do have jobs, the typical male worker in the united states is learning less, if you adjust for inflation, earning less than he did 30
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years ago. that means the typical middle class family, if they have jobs, they don't have the wages they need to keep the economy going given what the economy can produce. >> secretary rush, if our wages have stagnated and, in fact, decreased in the last 30 # years, how do we keep the economy going for all of that time? that's a long time if it's a bubble. what happened? >> three techniques were used by middle-class families. one technique is women went to work. i wish i would tell you the huge increase in women going to work increasing through the 1990s and today because all the professional opportunity for women. not quite. most women went boo the workforce because they needed proper family incomes. strategy two, everybody work longer hours. the tippal male by the end of
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the 1990s was working about 100 hours a year more than he was working two decades before. women were working more hours as well. then strategy three, when these first two strategies wore out, strategy number three was to go deeper and deeper into debt. which seemed easy in the last seven or eight or ten years. before the great recession. housing values were going up. you could use the house as collateral and you could basically have your own private atm. so this enabled them to continue to spend. all of these three coping mechanisms are now over. that is the deem structural problem that we all are going to have to face. >> so women went to the workforce, but they're already there. men worked longer hours, but we can't work anymore hours than
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we're already working, and once the housing bubble burst, you have the $2.3 trillion in debt we have to deal with. that's a big, big problem. so what should the obama administration have done in the beginning when they came in knowing all this, instead of trying to put a band-aid on it? >> i think the stimulus was not big enough. that's my personal view. given the private sector, businesses and consumers are coming out of a huge amount of debt. what's called deleveraging. the government needs to standby and provide enough money to fill in the difference. that's just mathematical. it's not a matter of ideology. but beyond that, you have to, the government has got to -- we've all got to figure out how to lift wages. so the great american middle class can continue to buy. that's not easy. not one easy simple way to do that. but there are some ideas.
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i'm happy to share them with you if you have the time. >> i want to ask about that. everybody wants increased wages. who out there doesn't want wages to go higher? how do we go that? do you think income inequality has something to do with that? >> well, income inequality has a huge amount to do with it. back 30 years ago whn all this began, the top 1% of americans, the top 1% of american families, they were earning about 9% of overall total national income. but then income kept getting more concentrated at the top. so by 2007 we find the top 1% of american families were learning about 23.5% of total income. that's a huge increase of concentration. not an attack on the rich. the rich don't spend as much as middle class people. they save a lot more.
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they put savings all over the world. you're not going to have enough purchasing power to keep the economy going. >> so in the past we built a middle class by paying higher wages. then they could buy more stuff, right? >> exactly. >> that's the idea roughly. how do we rebuild the middle class? how do we increase the wages? how do you take the 23.5% and bring it down a little bit. not because you want to hurt the rich, but because you want to help the middle class. >> that's the big question we face. in the sheort term, we need a more progressive tax system. let me give you one idea. excepting the first $20,000 of income from the payroll tax and making up the difference business applying the payroll tax to incomes over $250,000. that would give a lot of people a lot more money in their pockets if they're working.
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that would be spent on main street. that would create jobs. >> i'm afraid obama is not going to go anywhere near this. now we have news trickling out that next week they're going to go for the answer of more tax cuts. which may hurt this income inequality, and is basically a republican solution. how do you turn them around? >> i don't have inside information. i read the same articles you have. if it turns out one of obama's prescriptions is to have a payroll tax holiday on the first $20,000 of income, that gets towards what we're talking about. you just make it permanent. permanently apply payroll taxes to incomes over $250,000. that's one measure. we need to make higher education affordable and early childhood education.
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>> so it's a matter of who you give the tax cuts, too. so i also think you need tax reform for the higher brackets. >> absolutely. last year the top 25 hedge fund managers. each earned $1 billion. that could finance 20,000 teachers. >> god bless them. it's america. does it make sense for society if they get to keep a disproportionate amount of that or the if we can create more opportunities for more people to make a billion dollars. >> you're right. even the rich will stand to do better if they have a smaller share of an economy growing very fast than if they have a big share of an economy basically not moving. >> we have a packed show still ahead on this friday. coming up, bp may have stopped the oil, but they haven't stopped trying to weasel their way out of paying.
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wait until you hear their latest ultimatum. >> we have done everything that we could possibly do -- >> she's speechless. so are we. we're going to o break down jan brewer's monumental brain freeze ten the republicans calling out a tea party candidate. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? stay twice...
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i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. ♪ well, if you come from the hood ♪ ♪ or ya come from the burbs ♪ got the fellas up in here tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ we at the block party having fun ♪
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we're back to mix it up on bp's plea to keep on drilling in the gulf. or is that more of a threat? and a week of jaw droppers from the republicans. bp is threatening us that we better let them keep drilling. they say they don't have enough money for the oil spill bailouts if they ban legislation to drill in the gulf. probably should have thought of that before causing the largest oil spill in history. bp's executive vice president says if we're unable to keep those fields going, that's going to have a substantial impact on our cash flow. that makes it harder for us to fund things. fund these programs. referring to the $20 billion
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package they agreed to pay. that sounds like a bit of a threat. is it true? if bp can't drill in the gulf, will they run out of money? well, not exactly to say the least. bp still brings in an average profit of $93 million a day. they didn't mind spending huge sums of money on cleaning up public image. maybe it should have been better spent on paying out the thousands of businesses and people affected by their screw up. let me start with you. this appears to be a a threat. hey, you better watch yourself otherwise we're going to, you know, recant on this $20 billion we promised. >> what do you want him to do? they have a large bill.
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it's a heck of a lot of money. who knows what they have going on. who knows what the costs are. it cost them $8 billion, $2 billion more than they thought for the cleanup. it's going to continue. they'll have lawsuits to deal with. if you're not going to let them drill, they have to have more income coming in or you will slice them off. noel, is she right? >> yeah, i'm playing them the world's smallest violin. you have to give it up for the bp p.r. team that they manage to make this sound somewhat reasonable. that's half of their profit margin. they have $235 billion in assets. to have a conversation about whether or not this affects their bottom line is ridiculous. >> since it's ridiculous we'll
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move on. next, one of the worst debate debacles i've ever seen. arizona governor jan brewer had a wonderful awkward opening statement in a televised gubernatorial debate. i'm sorry, but i love these awkward tv moments. she was so bad she couldn't put two sentences together. >> we have done everything that we could probably do. we have -- >> man, she's dripping. governor brewer says a brain freeze was to blame for her never-ending pauses. if you think you couldn't get worse, you're wrong. after the debate she was asked to clarify her statement of beheadings in the arizona desert. the governor wasn't able to answer and literally ran away
4:20 pm
from her quarters. >> why wouldn't you recant the comments you made about the beheadings in the desert? >> that's a serious question, governor. >> well, this is an interesting evening. >> please answer the question. why won't you recant that? come on, governor? >> thank you. >> what was going on with her? brewer says she'll not participate in future debates. you don't say. and shel bring her message to a different venn jew. perhaps one where there are no reporters at all. you're not going to defend that. that was ridiculous. >> shoot me now. i was pray i would not get this topic. i got it. i cannot defend it. it was a huge blunder. number one, she should have been more prepared for the debate. number two, look, she should have answered the question after the debate head on.
4:21 pm
but, who is to worry? she's multiple points ahead in the poll. she's probably going to win her seat back. >> is that a good point? is she going to win no matter what? >> well, i think what we saw in this debate is more than a blunder. i think it's indicative of her entire administration's approach, which is there's zero substance, there's no ideas, there's an incredibly high unemployment rate in arizona. before she passed this terrible immigration law she was behind in the polls. she signs it. she's ahead. it's a political stunt like you've never seen before. but once voters start paying attention and ask what are you going to do about the failing economy? what are you going to do about safety? you realize this is the one trick she had up her sleeve, they're going to take a really serious look at terry goddard who has a record worth running on. >> this isn't just about jan
4:22 pm
brewer. you have sharron angle, i can get into a hundred of her comments. joe miller saying social security is unconstitutional. he's up in alaska. then christine o'donnell in maine. did you see this? she's not viable candidate for any office in the state of delaware. she could not be elected dogcatcher. >> i'm not the gladiator for the republican party. but i am going to defend them. i think everybody makes a blunder. not everybody can filt the bill. on the other side, the democrats have had their fair share of blunders that have cost them office. howard dean, yee-haw. that cost him his whole deal. >> there are a lot of people who have blunders. this is something you never want to see. but this is the time of thing you see when a candidate has
4:23 pm
absolutely zero substance. it's not that she went in the wrong direction. it's that she had no direction to go in because she doesn't actually stand for anything. so someone else could have said, you know what, i lost my train of thought. here's what i wanted to say. what she's realized is she's a blank slate. >> that's wrong. >> what does she stand for? >> she's taken up the ball when the federal government dropped the ball on immigration? >> what else? what else? >> give me one other jan brewer strength. >> when napolitano got an appointment by obama, she was a step-up governor. >> that's why. >> and on immigration. immigration is a big deal. it's a big problem. if you're saying base it on nothing but that, it's a big deal. >> things are clear now. we had my favorite moment on the
4:24 pm
show when noel went -- show me for a second. that was good stuff. thank you, guys. now, coming up, is sarah palin a professional tease. is she using the possibility of a white house run to seduce her audience? it's tourre's turn for the daily rant. i got into one of the best schools in the country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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time for the latest installment of the daily rant. sarah palin is raising speculation she's planning a run for the white house in 2012. this time at the top of the ticket. that should be fun. our old friend tourre is not so sure. >> this week we learned sarah palin will be in iowa for the gop's annual raigeagan day dinn.
4:28 pm
palin visiting iowa can only mean one thing. palin is running for president. right? wrong. i wish she were. the value for america in terms of political feeder would be better than anything since the last time she was campaigning. >> you can see russia from land here in alaska. a team of mavericks as independents as a team member on this -- on this new team. i have a vast variety of sources where we get our news. alaska isn't a foreign country. so, katie, what newspapers do you read? >> it was the funniest presidential campaign of all time. palin is not running. she wants people to think she's running. being a potential presidential candidate gives palin a certain
4:29 pm
heat it would lack if she were just a roving ex-governor with a limited vocabulary. appearing to run makes her appear important, forces the media to cover her, and conveys the appearance she's still a relevant politician. appearing to run is better for brand palin. she can say whatever she wants and seem courageous and heroic. that makes her loved by her audience. she could not sum it up if she has to compromise herself to win over the masses. many candidates aren't as boring as they seem. they have to appear that way in order to win. by not running she can do the reality show, argue with david letterman and tweet about things no other politician would ever do. take this tweet after dr. laura
4:30 pm
schlessinger resigned. i can't fullry read it. i'm not sure she wanted her to reload. more "n" words in her mouth? she knows it's better to be loved intensely by some than kind of sort ov of liked by many. it's $7 million book advance into $13 million in one year. for her, running for president would be a pay cut. she's flirting with the president to keep the presidency hot and bothered and interested in her. and if her candidacy flops, the fling is over. oh, sarah has more trickery up her sleeve than we knew. thanks to a new profile in vanity fair, we know a lot more than we wanted to about what sarah lee palin literally has up
4:31 pm
her sleeve. she once told someone she was going to wear a push-up bra to a city council meeting to help her get what she wanted and that the mccain campaign brought her many spanx. the media should not report that. that's not fair. we can talk her selling anti- - as opposed to what you get in sin city. palin has been doing a presidential burlesque routine. i. >> love that for two reasons. we had our second favorite moment of the show when you went right? wrong. i'm going to replay that later
4:32 pm
on my dvr. if this is all true, isn't she kind of brilliant? >> there is something brilliant to this about the way she's playing the game, look i'm going to run, but she's not going to run. it's actually really smart. she and her family are set up for life. if this all goes away when the campaign starts in 2012, she's good for years. >> i know you get 1% of the country to listen to you, you'll make a lot of money. in politics you have to get 51% of the country to vote with you. isn't it better to go for the 1% and get the killing? if that's the case, maybe she's a lot smarter than the rest of us. >> yng we're being unfair. she is impacting people's minds and impacting voters. they're not going to vote for her. but they'll be looking for where can i get the rush i got from sarah palin.
4:33 pm
people say if you stop talking about her she'll go away. that's not true. there is a community that loves her. she will with us for a while. >> basically you're telling her followers, she's just not that into you. much more still ahead this afternoon, including pakistani crisis. new terror attacks on innocent civilians. countless others killed. what do people think of our muslim controversy here at home? i'll ask pakistan's ambassador of the u.s. also ahead, changing the headline. how young men in u.s. city are choosing community over crime. it's our solutions express. plus, why conservative champion ronald reagan would be too liberal if 2010 to win as a democrat.
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a series of deadly attacks in pakistan is adding to the already unbearable situation after a massive flooding across the country. a suicide blast killed 43 people today. bringing the death total this week up to 79. now pakistan's taliban is threatening terror attacks here in the united states, quote, very soon. all of this as the country literally is underwater. the scope of the flooding has diverted troops from security duties to rescue work. about 1,600 people have already died. hussein is the pakistani ambassador to the united states. thank you for joining us tonight, ambassador. i wanted to first ask you about the terrorist strike. i know the u.s. is working closely with pakistan in
4:38 pm
combatting terrorism. how so? how is it different now than a couple years ago? >> during the last two years pakistan has hunted terrorists in several parts of the country. and we have forced the extremists to see a lot of terrorists. terrorists can strike anywhere as they have shone they will continue to do. support for fighting terrorists is increasing. the pakistani now support action against the extremists all over the country. >> the pakistani government has been going a lot more offensive strikes against the taliban, et cetera, in the country. what do you account for the change? >> i think the real change is
4:39 pm
between the bush and obama administration, but the change of administration in pakistan. the change is more committed to fighting terrorism. it realizes the threat terrorism causes. we don't want a generation growing up under the taliban, denying education to the young women, and making pakistan a part of the 12th rather than 21st century. >> what does the flooding have to do with terrorism? >> everything is related in the sense that the future of pakistan hangs in the balance here. the flooding affected 20 million people. it's the single largest flood in recorded history in terms of number of people displaced the number of people are more than the people affected by the tsunami and the haiti earthquake. that said, the number of fatalities has been large.
4:40 pm
the terrorists and extremists can appeal to the people, saying the world is deserting you. we are your only hope we don't think that is going to happen. our military and your military have been helping the people. it's always possible for extremists to recruit from those who have no hope. and the only source of living has been destroyed in the flood. >> do you think the anti-muslim attitudes we had here might be affected how much people are contributing? is that part of the reason there's not as much money going towards helping flood victims? >> most people respond based on the number of fatalities. it's a bigger story.
4:41 pm
all in the case of the haiti earthquake. we haven't seen any major television personalities land in pakistan showing coverage yet. 20 million people have lost their homes, their crops, their livelihood. that is not easy for people to comprehend in a single image. that rather than any other factor is responsible for the low response to the flooding tragedy. it's not easy for people to understand someone who has lost his life. it's easier to comprehend when somebody is dead and you're showing images of dead bodies on televisio television. >> what has been the reaction, if any, in pakistan to the controversy in new york? >> people in pakistan, of course, would like the united states to continue to be the
4:42 pm
free speech and free religion. anything that makes them feel space is shrinking makes pakistanis worried. we have our own set of problems. terrorism. extremist ideology and the floods. so we lev americans to decide the future of their own country. including what they want to do about mosque building. we would like america to live up to the ideals of accepting and allowing all religions to flourish as equals. >> ambassador, thank you so much for joining us. >> pleasure being here. >> all right. now the solutions express arrives here next. what is that? we're going to find out together after the break. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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time to jump on board the solutions express. who doesn't enjoy that sound effect? could man-geants help fix america? it's taking off in the stiff of chicago. last night they turned out to pick the top man based on charity work and community involvement along with your
4:47 pm
typical pageant kind of stuff, like personality and q&a and whatever that guy is doing. the goal is high liking young guys in chicago for positive accomplishments in helping the community, which makes sense. now the 36-year-old winner and the producer joins us now from where else? chicago. which one is which? who won top man? >> i'm the top man, cenk. >> all right, all right. >> what was that? >> and i'm the older guy. >> what was that guy doing that we saw on the tape? what is the talent contest? >> we have a really fun event. but it's a fun event that has a serious mission. so what we do is we really want to entertain the crowd, but at the end of the day they recognize there's really
4:48 pm
phenomenal guys doing great work in the community. >> you also had to do that stuff and do the q&a. did you say you wanted to save the children? >> i didn't say i was going to save the children. i said i wanted to remain active in the community and try to be a role model for the city's youth and young adults by platforming from some of my community interests. >> now seriously, how did you get into community service? obviously, not a lot of guys are doing it. in fact, let me show you a drask on this. it's amazing. it turns out almost five women for every one man that does community service. why did you get into it? >> i can't explain the ratio. i've always had an interest in giving back to the community, whether it be from the
4:49 pm
upbringing of my parents and opportunities that i've had in my life. i've always been interested in connecting people and just doing good to try to meet the city's needs. >> scott, talk to me about that rat ratio? is there a reason behind that? is that what spurred you to do this in the first place? >> exactly. i've done a lot of non-profit work in my career. also worked for employers with a really strong commitment to the community. and volunteer work and charity work is overwhelmingly female. i met with a total of two guys that represented those charities out of 100. the ratio is very, very heavily female, which is great. but also a lot of great guys doing work in the community. one man chicago is all about
4:50 pm
putting a spotlight on the great guys and the great charities that are doing good things in the community. ultimately we want these guys to be really mentors and role models for their peers and young boys and young girls who need positive role models to look up to. we know bill is a great example of that role model. >> i love being a guy, but sometimes it's a little embarrassing. we have such a higher crime rate. and such a lower charity rate. it's just a disaster in some ways. william, the mayor of chicago from what i understand is asking the top 20 contestants to come give him advice. what advice would you give the mayor? >> yeah, you know, in fact, from what i understand i'm going to begin working on the chief service officer's advisory council on tuesday to start
4:51 pm
really engage ing engaging for e work off the city of chicago through a strategic outreach program. so i'm looking forward to participating in that. i think i can bring new ideas. we'll see if i can make an immediate impact. >> it's kind of cool. if i won a mansion, i would never here the end of it. it's not a big deal. i don't want to talk about it too much. >> okay. >> i need to respond to that. when i came into this competition, it was really geared towards representing a great charity. who i've done quite a bit of partnering with locally. it was based on my grandmother. that's what got me into the
4:52 pm
competition. >> you're too good of guy. maybe that's why you won. thank you, guys. we appreciate it. >> all right. coming up on hardball, a government shutdown on a presidential impeachment. is this what we're in for if the republicans win in november? first, are we headed off a cliff? would ronald reagan be considered a lid in our current political environment? [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water.
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i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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has the president been too liberal or too conservative? how would president obama prepare to ronald reagan? i think ronald reagan would be unelectable today, even as a democrat. let's review the record. he gave amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. instantly he's eliminated. that's far too much for a so-calmed mainstream democrat today. it was blanket amnesty. i'm not sure an elected democrat in the country will argue for that liberal of a position. facts are stubborn things. he negotiated with terrorists and traded arms for hostages. another instant elimination. imagine what fox news would do to a democratic president who flat out made a deal with terrorists and gave them arms.
4:57 pm
game over. unelectable. he raised taxes 11 times. he saw the deficit would be more out of control and raised course on tax rates. if obama raised taxes 11 times on his watch, that's all anyone would talk about. he wouldn't dare, and you know it. at the type 15 points higher than now. obama would be pummeled. facts are stubborn things. what happened when we were attacked by terrorists in the middle east under reagan's watch? he ran for the hills. he watched 241 u.s. servicemen. after a massive terrorist strike by hezbollah on armed marines.
4:58 pm
what was reagan's response? he would be called a coward and scared of terrorists, et cetera. does anyone disagree with that? it's indisputable. facts are stubborn things. i'm not saying he was more liberal than obama on every issue. that would be absurd. but would he be electable as a democratic candidate today, let alone a republican one? no way, jose. not even close. and you know it. times were different back then. even if he was far more liberal than anyone who runs for office today. that's exactly my point. our politics have shifted so far to the right reagan would have had a tea party opponent run him out of town in a republican primary.
4:59 pm
then if you get raped, you should be forced to have the child because you need to turn a lemon situation into lemonade. if we go further right we're going to fall off the cliff. we cut taxes for the rich over and over again. we went to countless wars. now it looks like president obama and the republicans will agree next week that the answer is more tax cuts. this is insane. the country needs a psychiatrist. we've been hypnotized by the right-wing noise machine. somebody needs to snap their fingers and tell us wakey-wakey. it's our national nightmare. it's only going to get worse because thes will crash the economy, we'll be out of money,
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